NASA Chief Technologist

NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC


Douglas Terrier is the Chief Technologist at NASA Headquarters, serving as the senior leader in the office.  In this role, Terrier is the agency’s principal advisor and advocate on NASA technology policy and programs, helping plot the strategic direction of the agency’s space technology program.  Prior to his current position, Terrier worked at NASA:s John space Center, Houston as the Center’s chief technologist, serving as the principla advisor to the center Director for technology and the Center point of contact for the Agency Chief TEchnologist and the Space Technology Directorate.


Talk Title: NASA’s Return to the Moon as the Gateway to Mars

Terrier will discuss NASA’s plans to return Americans to the Moon by 2024 and how creating a sustainable American presence on the Moon will maintain American leadership in space while also enabling our future exploration of the Red Planet.





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