Integration Lead in Mars Exploration Program

NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC


Sophia Bogat works on the Human Landing Site Study (HLS2) at NASA HQ’s Mars Exploration Program, with the goal of identifying the location of the first human base on Mars. As an integration lead, she organizes teams to study advanced mission concepts for Martian exploration. Day-to-day, she is tackling the reconnaissance and science questions that we need to answer to make the human exploration of Mars possible. Sophia holds a Bachelor of Science in physics and astronomy from the University of Texas, and she spends her free time creating space paintings and writing science comics.


Talk Title: Looking Ahead to Human Exploration of Mars

Sophia will present an overview of some of the major challenges involved in the human exploration of Mars, with a focus on the reconnaissance needed to overcome those challenges. Next-generation orbital and surface reconnaissance will be necessary to better understand the Martian water resources that will support human missions, and to provide high resolution images of potential landing sites. This talk will share the progress made by NASA’s Human Landing Site Study, tasked with identifying the first human landing base on Mars. It will also cover the lessons learned from previous space exploration missions, and the key questions we need to answer before we can establish a sustainable human presence on Mars. For students, Sophia will share the many ways you can get involved with the Mars exploration community and with NASA.




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