Learn To Fly – or show us your drone-flying skills – enter for a chance to win a Tello drone!


Visitors to the Drone Zone will have an opportunity to ‘Throttle up, pitch, yaw, and roll’.  Take control of one of our drones and fly over the Martian landscape created by Mars High School students,  or through our aerial obstacle course, or challenge your piloting skills with a game of Drone Trough Ball or Drone Bowling!



There will be opportunities for Drone Zone visitors to…

    • Build Aerial Obstacles:  Learn to build aerial obstacles ‘gates’ to challenge your flying skills.   Discuss recreational drone racing and the challenging courses.  
    • Conduct Drone Search and Rescue Missions:  Working in pairs the drone pilot and co-pilot will be challenged to seek out and capture images of various Martian items and landmarks.
    • Learn about drone coding – autonomous drone flights: Programmable drone flies autonomously over a simulated Martian landscape.
    • Drone simulator software: Simulated ‘stick time’ using the FPV Freerider drone simulator program.                                                                                     



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