Learn To Fly – or show us your drone-flying skills 


Visitors to the Drone Zone will have an opportunity to ‘Throttle up, pitch, yaw, and roll’.  Take control of one of our drones and fly around the aerial obstacle course or challenge your piloting skills with a game of “Drone Trough Ball!” 


  • We have a minimum age requirement of 10 years old.

  • Safety glasses will be provided and must be worn at all times by anyone within the Drone Zone while drones are flying.

  • All drone flying will be conducted WITHIN the enclosed tent area.

  • Weather may impact the ability to conduct flying.  (Significant winds will ground the light-weight aircrafts.)

There will be opportunities for Drone Zone visitors to…

    • Meet-n-Greet Table:  Drone Addiction will display various drones and drone-related materials for folks to casually “encounter” while visiting the Drone Zone.
    • Build Aerial Obstacles:  Learn to build aerial obstacles to challenge your flying skills.   Discuss recreational drone racing and the race courses that challenge them.
    • Drone Simulator Software: Attendees will have the opportunity for computer-based simulated “stick time” using the “FPV Freerider” drone simulator program.
    • Autonomous Flights: Learn and watch as a programable drone flies autonomously around the aerial obstacle course.
    • Drone Build:  Part hands-on/part lecture….Participate in the building of a “RubiQ” racing drone. (Note:  A time commitment of a minimum of 30 minutes is required for this program)
      • Discussions will be had on the components and technology that make them fly.
    • Drone Racing:  Watch as local drone racing enthusiasts race through the aerial obstacle course using FPV (First Person View) Tiny Whoop drones.
        • Attendees will have the opportunity to “fly with” the racers by donning FPV goggles – experiencing the action as if they were on the drone itself. In addition, watch the FPV action on a TV monitor.
        • Local pilots will be on-hand to interact, share information about their drone racing experiences, and answer any questions.                                                                                 

*Note:  The above list may change without notification.


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