ROVE-E . . . ROVE-E is a mini-rover built like NASA’s Curiosity rover and the upcoming MARS 2020 rover. Its purpose is to engage people with NASA’s Mars Mission.



ASK ROV-E A QUESTION….With an onboard audio speaker and a way to connect to the Internet, ROV-E can answer questions about Mars – out loud! Even though the ROVE-E knows a lot about Mars, the more questions you ask, the more ROV-E learns to answer your questions better




MAKING ROV-E….ROV-E is made mostly with off-the-shelf parts.  For example, ROV-E is riding on remote control truck wheels, its two “brains” are easy-to-program Arduino and Raspberry pi computers, and many parts were made using a 3D printer.




ROV-E MAKES FRIENDS….This little rover has made new friends with other robots like BB8. Will you be ROV-E’s new friend?? 

Have you ever wanted to build your own Rover?

Well now you can.
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