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You and 99 others have been sent to live on the planet Mars.

You must contribute to your new community. How will you best use your talents?

Will you help the colonists SURVIVE or THRIVE?

This Challenge is open to students in Grades 3 – 12.
You may be located anywhere in the world, all submissions will be virtual.

Generous Cash Prizes will be awarded thanks to our sponsor FirstEnergy.

To Enter

STEP 1: Choose Your Mission(s)

SURVIVE (STEM): Imagine one problem, challenge, or need you may face on your new planet. Attempt to solve using Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math.



THRIVE (Arts): The citizens of your new colony need to do more than just survive, they want to enjoy life in their new home. Show us an example of a creative output (art, music, literature, dance, etc) that might be inspired by life on Mars.


STEP 2: Read This Document


STEP 3: Register Here

Must be completed by a Parent or Guardian


STEP 4: Get To Work!

(This is the fun part!)


STEP 5: Submit Your Project*

*Submission Form will open April 10th. All Submissions are due by May 10, 2023.



You’ll be offered the opportunity to present your projects alongside NASA and other industry professionals at our Mars Exploration Celebration to be held June 9 – 10th!



Our friends at NASA have supplied these special resources for students to explore.

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Access our printable flier HERE.