NASA Theater

Scientists and engineers from NASA will join the 2021 Mars New Year celebration, with displays from NASA’s planetary science missions. Hear about marsquakes detected by the InSight lander, and about the rock samples collected by Perseverance, the first step in NASA’s ambitious Mars Sample Return mission.

Check out a real meteorite from Mars and scale models such as the Perseverance rover,  and the InSight lander and more. Take a selfie in front of a picture of planet Mars, put on 3D glasses to view a landscape of Mars in 3D, and learn about ROV-E, a friendly 6-wheeled robot based on the 5 rovers which have explored the Red Planet.

Listen to inspirational presentations about how innovation is sparked by NASA exploration, given by Dr. Jim Green, NASA’s Chief Scientist; Michael Meyer, Mars Exploration Program Chief Scientist; and Douglas Terrier, NASA’s Chief Technologist, and Mars specialists Dr. Lindsay Hays.

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