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Mars Exploration Celebration Press – 2021

Large maps of Mars, moon en route to school district

Mars Area School District students may soon walk on the Red Planet — or, rather, a map of it.

The Mars Borough Council and Mars School District arranged with the Aldrin Family Foundation to acquire several giant Mars maps and giant moon maps from the foundation in time for the upcoming Mars New Year Festival.

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Julia Maruca Eagle Staff Writer
July 7, 2021 Cranberry Local News

Pittsburgh space startup to bring rovers to Mars New Year

A few new extraterrestrial visitors will be rolling in to this year’s Mars New Year festival.

Pittsburgh North Side-based lunar logistics startup Astrobotic will bring several moon rovers to the event later this August.

Mars Mayor Gregg Hartung announced the partnership at the borough council meeting Monday night.

“We didn’t know what they were bringing before, so we worked that out within the last week or so,” Hartung said.

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Julia Maruca Eagle Staff Writer
July 22, 2021 Cranberry Local News


Drones on Mars
Adams man teaches kids flying, maintenance, safety

Calling a hobby an “addiction” isn’t always a compliment.

But Tom Murrin, owner and operator of local remote-control drone company Drone Addiction, wears the name with pride.

Murrin started his company in 2016, and hosts summer camps, workshops and school classes in which he teaches young people how to fly, repair and operate drones of all sorts.

“When I kept reading about drones around 2015, the people who were getting involved with them kept saying, ‘Oh, this is so addicting,’” Murrin said. “So, we called the company Drone Addiction because that was a keyword we stripped out of that.”

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Julia Maruca Eagle Staff Writer
August 12, 2021 Cranberry Local News


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