Robotics Village


Discover the thrill of designing, engineering, programming, and controlling robots at Robotics Village! Celebrating youth robotic programs and competitive robotics, come explore how students can become innovators today and shape the future of robotics.

Competitive Student Robotics Teams from Pennsylvania and surrounding states will show off their skills. Come interact with robots – from small Lego bots to large sports-playing robots all designed, built, and controlled by these student teams.

Find out how you can join the excitement and engineer your future by becoming part of FIRST Robotics through the First Lego League, the First Technical Challenge, and the First Robotics Competition. And dive into STEAM with interactive activities and crafts for kids of all ages. Presented by the Mars Robotics Association

Inspiring future engineers and scientists have in-depth discussions with NASA and autonomous vehicle scientists and engineers. 

Youth robotics teams from the PA, OH and WV area demonstrate robots they have built from LEGO® built robots to larger high reaching robots.

STEAM related hands-on activities for youth of all ages.

Area teams participating in Robotics a mini competition ….

FIRST LEGO League Teams

    FLL 37348 Charged Up

    FLL 45141 Spaghetti Slurpers

FIRST Tech Challenge Teams


    13474 Mars Curiosity?

    16776 MARS Opportunity!

FIRST Robotics Competition Teams

    2614 MARS – Morgantown, WV 

    4150 FRobotics 

    2656 Quasics

    5740 Troganators – North Catholic


Mars Robotics Association, a non-profit organization from Mars, Pennsylvania is the coordinator of the Robotics Village – a bookend display area dedicated to showcasing youth robotics programs.

Copyright 2021. Mars New Year, a not-for-profit, section 501(c)(3).

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